ALPACA + Model-to-Model Distance Feature Request (Funding available)


I am looking for someone to help develop & create extensions to the ALPACA extension. I do have some grants available that I can apply for from my university - and if it means accelerating the timeline of this project & improving the quality of the final product, I am happy to look into this. The funding amount varies from $500-$1000 USD.

Here are some of the functionalities that I’m looking for:

  1. Enable drag-and-drop feature (something similar to attached pic) of 2 models
  2. Upon drag-and-drop and alignment, highlight areas for correction - (for ex. red = needs to be trimmed down, blue = must be added). I think this is possible via shape population viewer + model-to-model distance extension already - would be nice to integrate this with ALPACA.
  3. General UI simplification (ex. remove unnecessary toolbar items). I was thinking slicelet could be appropriate for this?
  4. Bonus: provide a score (%) based on total difference. The less, the better.

Any feedbacks & interest would be appreciated.
If this project is successful, it is sure to make a difference in the dental field.