Ambiguous control point in right-click context menu

When hovering the mouse over a Markups Line, Angle, Curve or Closed Curve node where you are highlighting and not hovering over a control point, then right-clicking to bring up the context menu has confusing options to manipulate a control point.

There are options to rename, toggle, jump, and delete control point however it is ambiguous about which control point it will be acting upon since none is highlighted. This does not happen for a Markups Plane or ROI node which just provides the ability to delete the markup node.

It also seems odd that there would be an ability to rename a control point when the individual control point label is not even being shown. Only the label for the markup name is being shown.

The control point menu actions when hovering over the object and not at a control point, appears to manipulate the closest control point even though it isn’t highlighted. If I hover over the line between the first and second control point, but I’m 25% along the line so closer to the first control point then renaming will rename the first control point which is “OC-1”.

@lassoan It would be clearer for control point modification to only be when the control point is highlighted and not just along the line. Can it be change to be like the plane and ROI node and when hovering over the object such as along the line it instead only show context options for the markup node rather than the control point?

I agree, it could make sense to only show control point actions (except jump to closest control point) if the active component is a control point. It would be great if you could submit a pull request with the change.

One action that would make sense is to delete the whole curve (or change its colors/edit properties). Currently it is possible but it is indicated delete markup. Better to rename it to “delete curve”

So rename:

  • Delete markup
  • Edit markup terminology…
  • Edit properties…

to something with markup type name like the following?

  • Delete curve
  • Edit curve terminology…
  • Edit curve properties…

PR posted for this work: