An error occurs during installation of ShapeVariationAnalyzer extension

Slicer 4.13.0-2022-02-02 (windows)

ShapeRegressionExtension & ShapeVariationAnalyzer

Two extension program cannot be installed.

An error occurs during installation.

Thanks for reporting this, I was able to reproduce and fix this issue. You can download these extensions tomorrow.

The problem was that the extension developers did not provide a homepage and icon for their extension and there was a strict check during extension installation to abort the process if these fields are missing. I’ve now updated the check to be less strict (only log warning if non-essential fields are not found).

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I need an extension to use R-Vessel-X, but I haven’t been able to use it for weeks because it’s not ShapeRegression Extension…

Thank you for your quick response.

R-Vessel-X extension depends on SlicerVMTK, MarkupsToModel, SegmentEditorExtraEffects, PyTorch extensions. It is not related to ShapeRegression extension.