Analysis with SPHARM-PDM

Hi 3D-Slicer users,

I am having problems using the SPHARM-PDM module. I read the user tutorial (May 2017) but when I apply the module, the status says completed with errors.

The purpose of my PhD is to make the comparison between two semi-mandibles (right and left) and find if there is any asymmetry. After doing all the previous steps, and using a voxel-based registration, I get the volume (.vtk) of each one and then I create a new file with the module Model to Model distance, getting the colormap file.

I try to do the SPHARM-PDM analysis with this file (colormap) to do the statistics in a simpler way, but I have errors. Probably it is because I am not clicking or selecting the correct parameters.

Can anybody help me?

Thank you in advance.

@ljod @laurapascal - could you help?

can you take a screen about what you did detaily?

Yes, of course.

Firstly, I get the colormap file (.vtk), that It is attached below, using the Model to Model distance Module

Then, I try to use the Shape Analysis Module but the status says “completed with errors”

Maybe, I am not clicking or selecting the correct parameters.

Hello users,

I was thinking about that maybe I don’t need to do the SPHARM-PDM again, because I already have a colormap file, done with the two models of the hemimandibles which were superimposed.

And that’s why the software says completed with errors.

Does anybody knows if it is correct?

On the other hand, I can see the basic statistics (mean, percentiles,…) as I attached bellow, but is is posible to get the file with all the numbers. I mean, the distance between every correspondent point

The file that says ValuesOnEachPoint is empty

Thank you in advance