Annotations for separate volumes


I have loaded multiple master volumes as shown:

I wish to annotate each volume separately, ex) annotate a slice from volume 1 but have it stay in that volume and not affect volume 2. Is there a way to do this, or do the annotations apply for all volumes by default?

For example, this segmentation:

appears when I switch volumes:

Thanks for your help.

You can create a new segmentation node for your second volume. Segmentations in that will be independent of the first volume.

However, visibility for all segmentation nodes are enabled by default, simply switching to a new one will not hide the previous one (if there are already segments with content in it).
You can control this through the Data module (click the eye icon next to the segmentation node you want to hide and it will hide all segments within that node).


Thank you for your reply.

I see what you mean, I appreciate the insight. However, from my understanding, when I try saving the files the segmentations are combined into a single nrrd file. Is it possible to have each segmentation module saved with each corresponding module?

Only the segments within a segmentation node will be saved in the file. If you have two segmentation nodes (one for each volume), you will save two files.