How cna I save my segmentation seperately?

For example, now I have two segmentation documents.
But when I click the save button I only get one document.
How can I save them seperately?
Thanks a lot!

The Segmentation.seg.nrrd extension saves the segmentation node, including both segments (Segment_1, Segment_2), and a reference to the master volume used for the segmentation (6 1st ax dyn)

Thanks, is it possible to save them separately?
Because I want to do an analysis of these two segmentation independently and jointly.

Fluvio Lobo via 3D Slicer Community <> 于2022年1月10日周一 15:51写道:


Quick and dirty: Clone the segmentation node and erase the segments you don’t need on each respective copy. You will end-up with multiple segmentations nodes with only one segment, in your case.

Keep in mind that any relevant analysis is tied to the master volume. So ensure that each “cloned” node has the right master volume assigned.

Got that. But how to clone the segmentation node?
Just repeating the segment process would be waste of time…

Fluvio Lobo via 3D Slicer Community <> 于2022年1月10日周一 17:19写道:

Right click, clone node!

Hmmm, I still have not found the clone node button.
But I found a way to achieve it.
First, click “Segmentations…”

Then click “Copy/move segments”,

Then choose “Create new Segmentation”.
In this way, I can get two “segmentation. nrrd” documents and save them separately.:yum:

Fluvio Lobo via 3D Slicer Community <> 于2022年1月11日周二 19:10写道:

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