Announcements category traffic?

(Andras Lasso) #1

Currently the feature tag indicates that we write about a new feature. This allows people to get notified if they are interested (you can set up alerts for topics with certain tags).
I think we add features frequently enough that the announcements category might get too much traffic, but I’m not sure.

Elastix registration toolbox is now available in Slicer
(Csaba Pinter) #2

Depends on what kind of news the community considers an Announcement. If we consider the Announcements wiki page, about which I had the feeling was considered underused (we were asked a few times to add this and that), then I think this qualifies (looking at improved startup time, DCMTK updata, etc.).

(Isaiah Norton) #3

FWIW, 1-2 posts/wk in Announcements feels reasonable to me. I don’t think we’re going to average much more than that in the foreseeable future. If it is a problem we could collect them with the feature tag and batch weekly or so.