Discourse members getting unexpected amount of email notifications

On a separate issue, ever since you replied to my post, I am receiving tons of emails from other people asking for slicer help? How can I turn this off? My phone is receiving too much spam.


This happened to me as well. Not sure why, but you can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of the emails.

When you sign up at Slicer discourse, by default you watch Announcement, Support, and Developer categories. This choice was made to mimic the mailing list behavior. Maybe this behavior is unexpected for people who just visit the forum to get answers to their specific question.

@pieper @ihnorton @pieper What do you think, should we only set “Announcement” category to watch by default?


Yes, I suspect this is what people who just post a question might expect.

Perhaps someone like @Matt or @riley.johnson or others who are new to the forum can say what they think about the current welcome/signup process.

  • Does it overwhelm?
  • Does the login requirement discourage people?
  • Is it clear what you are signing up for?
  • Is it clear how to change the settings after you have signed up?
  • How often do you find your questions already answered by searching existing posts?
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