Any suggestions for image sensor/camera with image stitching

Hello Slicers,

We are looking for a compact camera sensor for a hand held 3D scanning device. User of the device may not be able to scan the entire object in one scan and hence need build a functionality to stitch these scanned videos together to get the complete image. Any experience with such requirements? Do cameras come with such image stitching features? Any suggestions?


Depending on your budget the Artec 3D scanners have this functionality.

If you need accurate and robust scanning then I would recommend to get an Artec Eva scanner for about $20k. If you don’t need just surface shape, not color, then you can buy an Artec Eva Light for about $10k.

If you need something really cheap then you can just buy an Intel RealSense camera for 150 and use a stitching software. We used a commercial software (the license was a few k) and it worked OK, but there may be cheaper/free ones - maybe this one: (I haven’t tried it, so it would be great if you could try it and report back how well it works).

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Thank you Andras. Very useful. I have reached out to Lipscan and will update if I get to experience their expertise/service.

Thank you. I will explore this.