Apply a ROI on another series of images

I have drawn a ROI on the contrast enhanced T1 MR images, and I’d like to apply this ROI on the corresponding T1 MR images of the same patient. How to achieve this goal in 3D slicer?

What do you mean by applying the segment (this is how free-form segmented regions are referred to in Slicer, see glossary) to another image?

  • Do you want to blank out the image inside or outside the segment? You can do that using Mask volume effect.
  • Would you like to get that segment as a labelmap image that matches the geometry of the other MR image? You can do that by exporting the segmentation to labelmap using the other image as reference.
  • Transfer the segmentation to the other image? You can do that by spatially registering the two volumes using Elastix or ANTs extensions.
  • Something else?

Thank you very much!!