Transfer segmentation to same but differently cropped volume


I just started using 3D Slicer and have encountered a problem now that I couldn’t find an answer to yet. It would be great if someone has an idea how to solve it and help me.

I started segmenting the muscles of the lower leg of a patient just to notice when almost done that the image I was using was not cropped correctly and I was missing about 5 slices that I wanted to segment as well. I cropped my nifti-image again and was able to show the same segmentation on my new volume however I cannot continue with the segmentation here outside of borders of the old volume. My question is now is there a way to transfer my old segmentation to the new volume and continue there or would I have to segment everything again?

Thank you very much in advance and for taking the time!


This has come up a few times and we already have a ticket for this:

Until a convenient user interface is implemented, you need to do the following steps manually:

  • Switch to Segment Editor module
  • Create a new segmentation
  • Set Master volume (the new, larger volume)
  • Switch to Segmentations module
  • Import all segments from the other segmentation using Copy/Move section
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Thank you very much that’s exactly what I was hoping for!