Arduino motion sensor

Hi all,
a student of mine, for his thesis, developed a new module of the ArduinoController extension: Arduino Motion Sensor.

The module allows interacting with the view controllers module by using gestures captured via a very chip IR sensor.
A basic guide is provided in the file

This video shows a small demo of the new module:

Any suggestion and/or comment is more than welcome.

Thanks a lot,


Thanks for sharing, it looks promising. It would be useful to have a way to continuously set parameters, such as the slice offset, zoom factor, window, level. For panning the zoomed image, adjust window/level, it would be necessary to adjust two variables at the same time (e.g., by tracking motion along two axes).

Thanks @lassoan !
Yes, of course it’s just a first implementation, we hope to add more features in the future.
For the moment the slice offset can be set via GUI (it’s the only parameter you can set now).

In addition consider that the gesture sensor is extremely basic, so the performance are very limited.