New extension: ArduinoController

Dear all,
I am delighted to announce a new Slicer extension: ArduinoController.
It can be installed by using the extension manager of any nightly version of Slicer.

By using this extension it is possible to send and receive data from Arduino boards.

The GUI offers the possibility to send messages and to show/plot the data coming from the microcontroller.
If the user wants to develop his own application, sending and receiving data from Arduino, this can be done via python code.
This is the webpage of the project, that includes also a basic documentation.

Any feedback is more than welcomed and we hope this extension could help your work.

Finally, we would like to thank how provided important suggestions (@Davide_Punzo and @pieper in principal), as well as all the people that attended the breakout session during the last project week.

Paolo Zaffino on behalf of all the contributors.


Very interesting.
It could be used in custom 3D navigation projects…

Evangelos Rokas

I love Arduinos - I will have to think up ways to use this…

Great addition, thanks!


Digitization? Do arduinos support cameras?

The idea is to use Arudino for fast (and cheap) prototyping, educational purpose and not “complex” tasks.
For 3D navigation I would definitely suggest something like SlicerIGT.

Thanks @hherhold !
Let me know if I can help!

Yes, Arduino supports camera.
Honestly I never thought to use Arduino for 2D signals…but, I mean, it’s something possible!

Hi all,
I’m glad to inform you we just published a paper regarding this extension.
The article is the following:

Thanks to all the Slicer community, in particular to @lassoan and @Davide_Punzo for the comments, suggestions, and precious discussion.