Are there any bone morphometry tools available for Slicer?

For example, is this implemented

or what would it take to make it available?


I think you can now bundle ITK remote modules into Slicer extensions - @jcfr can confirm. If not, then you can either get it implemented or wait for Slicer’s Python3 support (expected within about 6 months).

Once you have the algorithms available in Slicer, all you have to do is to expose features in a Python scripted module(s). Depending on how polished user interface you need, this could take 1-2 weeks to implement.

Or maybe @thewtex, @bpaniagua, and @jbvimort are already planning to add this to the bone texture extension?

This is indeed possible. Let me know if you have specific questions.

I am assuming this means building Slicer from scratch. Does the regular set of instructions apply, or is there something specific to make the ITK Bonemorphometry available?

Since the BoneTextureExtension extension is already built daily and includes the ITKBoneMorphometry and ITKFeatureTexture remote modules, you could simply install the extension from within Slicer.

See CDash build report