Atlas to DICOM convertion

Hi all
I am trying to convert an atlas (binary 0/1 file, originally nifti format) into DICOM. Using “Create DICOM Series” I obtained completely white slices.
Some help?
Thank you in advance

Operating system: Windows
Slicer version: 4.11

Can you post an example file?

The file is actually not all white, but intensity difference of 1 is so small that in many viewers will not see that subtle change with the default window/level settings.

“Atlas” is not a kind of image, but it refers to how you use that image, so there is no atlas information object in DICOM. Instead, a binary (0/1) image is a segmentation, which can be saved into DICOM as Segmentation Object or RT Structure Set information object.

If the external viewer does not support these information objects then you can make your binary file appear as a fake CT image by rescaling its intensity range. For example, you can keep the 0 HU (=water) as background, but change 1 to 1000 HU (=bone) for the foreground, using RescaleIntensityImageFilter in Simple Filters module.