Automated rigid (6 DOF) registration


I am new to 3D slicer and want to take a look at the algorithm of automated rigid registration for different modalities (ex. T1 and T2 images of MRI) on the same subject in 3D slicer. The problem is I could not find related information in the latest version. The only thing I found is in version 3.6

It has a test file


but no longer available. And the

Source Code: C++ Source and XML Description

do not exist either.

Can anyone give me a clue?

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Hi Fang, You may search “registration” (not just “rigid registration”) in this community to see a lot of helpful clues.

Could you be more specific? I am trying to find the source code or doxygen of 3D slicer for rigid registration on multi-modalities and single subject. Thanks.

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I would also recommend SlicerElastix. Its default rigid and non-rigid presets usually work without any parameter tuning. If you use BRAINS then you typically need to spend some time with finding parameter settings that provide meaningful results.

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