Automatic registration of segmentation

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a problem with the automatic registration. I will explain you :
I’ve achieved the segmentation of bones on CT-scan images and catilages on MRI images. I would like to register the segmentation with an automatic way. Currently, I’ve just done it manually, and when I try to achieve the registration, only the images are registered.

If everyone can help me, I would be grateful.
Have a good day !

Registration modules can also compute a transform. You can then apply the computed transform to the segmentation.

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I’ve done a new linear transform with brain registration module with

  • fixed image: scan (where there is the bone segmentation)

  • moving image: MRI (where there is the menisci segmentation)
    it created the output image 4 and the linear transform

  • I’ve applied the new transform to the menisci segmentation: it worked

but bones are linked to the fixed image but still turned in the wrong way as you can see below, and that I don’t understand.

The computed transform must be applied to the moving image. You can switch up the fixed and moving image if you want to transform the other image.

Thanks for all! My problem was on a registration parameter and not on my segmentation. However, your explication of the transform matrix was very helpful.