Automatic segmentation based on rgb


Im using 3D slicer 4.10.2

I’ve done some annotations on qupath and now im looking at creating a 2d model of the annotations. I’ve attached a picture of the annotations. Is there a way to automatically segment based on the rgb value? I need 3 segmentations. 1 for each colour ignoring the grey. I can remove the grey if that will lead to problems

Slicer should be able to load these segmentations directly. Small adjustments may be necessary in the image header to specify how to interpret each image dimension.

Can you export your segmentation to nrrd file format? If not, what export formats are available in qupath?

How the segmentation is saved if you have more than 3 segments? Is it still and RGB image with more colors, or you then have a multi-channel image (one channel for each segment)?

Do you work with 2D or 3D images? Is generating a surface mesh from each segment is all you need? What is the end goal of the project?