Automatic segmentation best for entire the mandible including dentition, trabecular and cortical bone

  1. How do I automatically segment all of the teeth, cortical and trabecular bone in the mandible? Is it better to use ITK-SNAP or Slicer?
  2. Is colorbar in an increment of 1cmm? I mean for a range
  3. Is there a way to crop colormap cross-sectionally? Will it show anything since colormap is only applicable to surfaces?


  1. Please look here for teeth segmentation.
  1. Far as I understand if you are referring to the model to model distance colour map it is in the what ever the units that your data is originally in.

  2. I do not really understand. If the way i understand is correct, if you crop the models and then run the colour map you will see the colours in the exact area you want