Automation MONAILabel functionality

Hi everyone

I am using MONAILabel to train models to automatically segment certain body parts on MRI/CT images.
The training went well and I have a decent model. I am interested in volumetric properties of the segmentation I have made with Automatic segmentation.
With the help of some existing blog posts and such, I have already succeeded in writing a Python script to generate a table with the SegmentStatistics module and save it locally as a .csv file. I would however want to automate this process even further and include in my script the step where I press Run for the automatic segmentation in MONAILabel. I am looking for how I can translate this step to Python code, similar to this.

I found the source code for this module, and I suspect that the function I’m looking for is onClickSegmentation on line 1446. The only problem is that I don’t know how to invoke this function in a Python script.

Thanks in advance!