Problem that 'Auto Segmentation' option deactivates when I ran monaibundle apps based on MONAI Label server of 3D-Slicer

Dear 3D-Slicer developers

I’m running ‘[brats_mri_segmentation_v0.3.3] (Releases · Project-MONAI/model-zoo · GitHub)’ using monaibundle apps in 3D-Slicer.

I captured work scene of monaibundle apps based on MONAI Label server that I ran in 3D-Slicer.

As above video, I pressed 'refresh(green) button next to MONAI Label server. so I checked Master volume information that include nii.gz.

And then when I pressed ‘Next Sample’ button, I can’t see ‘Model’ name and ‘Run’ button of ‘Auto Segmentation’ option. It seems to deactivate in MONAI Label module, when I ran MONAI Label server with ‘brats_mri_segmentation_v0.3.3’ using monaibundle apps.

Please, let me know how to activate Auto Segmentation option when it ran MONAI Label using ‘brats_mri_segmentation_v0.3.3’ through monaibundle apps.


I solved problem that doesn’t show Auto Segmenation option in 3D-Slicer.

But, I want to solve problem that segmentation detection can’t be when I press ‘run’ button next to ‘model’ name in ‘Auto Segmenation’ option.

I edited “in_channels” : 4 into “in_channels” : 1 in inference.json and train.json, it dosn’t run ‘Auto Segmentation’.

Please, let me know how to edit json file code to solve this problem.

Can you explain once again how you solved this problem? I do not understand.