B-spline image registration parameters

Hi everyone,

I’m using the latest nightly version and I want to register two images from a virtual phantom:


Since I will need the B-spline image registration algorithm to further register patient data, I need to apply this algorithm for this data as well. However, the default parameters do not align the images. I tried to change the parameters in a trial error process without success. Could you give some guidance on the suitable parameters to register these images?

Thank you in advance.

Intensity-based image registration methods requires the image to have some texture.

If you want to register binary images like this then you can use distance-map-based methods, such as Segment Registration (you need to create segments from those blobs by thresholding).

If you can generate more realistic images (with proper texture and intensity variations) then I would recommend to use SlicerElastix extension, as it usually does not require any parameter tuning.

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