Behind-the-scene Calculation for ICE

Hi, I am trying to compute ICE on my own as I did not use Slicer to perform deformable registration on my images. May I know the way ICE is computed in Slicer, so that I can reproduce the results using my own code?

ICE acronym has several very different meanings in medical imaging. Do you mean inverse consistency error?

Are you already using a the Transform module or a Slicer extension (e.g., RegistrationQA) to compute it and interested n how they work?

What is your overall goal? Comparison of registration algorithms? What is the target organ? What registration software are you comparing?

Hi, yes I was referring to inverse consistency error.

I did the registration on Velocity software and I could not find a way to evaluate the ICE for certain ROIs using the deformation vector field obtained from Velocity.

I am not comparing registration algorithms, instead I would like to check whether ICE correlates with some other metrics for deformation accuracy evaluation (eg. DICE) for prostate cancer patients.