Best Machine for 3D slicer


What is the best machine to have for using the 3D slicer?
I want to segment many organs for a pediatric MRI and I need a machine that can support my work graphically and technically.
Is there a difference between using a MAC, Windowns or Linux (ubuntu)? which one do you use and why?

Thanks a lot!

Slicer is supported on all platforms - Windows, Mac, Linux. There are small differences in level of support and available extensions, but most likely these differences won’t be significant for you. Therefore, you can choose platform based on other considerations (which operating system you are already familiar with, hardware choice, cost, etc).

Since MRIs are typically not very large, I would recommend Intel i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, and a recent NVidia GeForce GPU.

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Thanks you very much for your advice!