Better way for browsing nightly builds?

Hi Slicer-Team,

Your team recently helped me to solve a bug we have found in the OpenIGTLink extension. It was quickly fixed and I was told that there will be an updated available in the next day.
Today I found time to update the extension but I found it quite diffucult to accomplish. So I was just wondering if there would have been a faster way. This is what I did:

  • Went to and clicked on “older releases” to find out that there is a whole “network” folder with lots of releases
  • From there navigated to “/Public/Slicer/Packages/Extensions/Nightly”
  • Going into nightly does not even work (guess due to amount of files)
  • So I sorted the parent folder according to “Modified” and clicked on “show more” hoping to find a new build of SlicerIGT. Finally found one and downloaded the build

What I tried before, was to start Slicer and use the extension manager. But when chosing the OpenIGTLink Extension the release data showed 17. January 2019 so I was quite sure that this is not what I need.
Is there some way I could mount this network-drive to my PC? Or any other way how to get nightly builds more easily? In my case I was actually searching for a Slicer 4.10.0 release. So first when trying to install the fixed extension I ended up with Slicer crashing. It took me a while to figure out that my download was for Slicer 4.10.1. So I upgraded to 4.10.1 and it finally runs without problem and the bug-fix included.

Thanks for any tips on how I could upgrade in future with less pain :slight_smile:

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You can update extensions using the drop-down menu in the Extensions Manager:

Thanks for the hint. I remember that I have also tried this but back then I used Slicer 4.10 and not 4.10.1. But good to know for the future that this is the correct way to upgrade.
I was not sure whether nightly builds are available with the update feature as well.

Thanks! Have a nice weekend!