Blurb for Slicer Download page

Often new users of Slicer are confused about what version of Slicer to use, and also how the stable and preview versions differ from each other.

It also doesn’t help that the current preview has red “unstable” text next to it.

I suggest something like this to be added below the installer table:

Which version of 3D Slicer to install?
Stable: Is more rigorously tested but will not contain the latest features and functionality added to the Slicer. All extensions are available.
Preview: is bleeding edge and is changed daily. Some days preview versions may not be fully functional or extensions may be incomplete. If you encounter a unstable preview version or it is missing the extensions you are looking for, you will have to install another preview version in the next day or so.

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Yes, that would be good wording. Maybe also on the Preview we could add "If you encounter a unstable preview version or it is missing the extensions you are looking for check the Support section of the forum for recent status reports, or another preview version in the next day or so to see if the issue is resolved.

Yes, this is out of date and should be removed - it was added when vtk9 was enabled but not working for a number of key features.

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I can take that down, but we are about to attempt vtk9 again so… maybe we keep it there until that goes through. I’m fine either way

With or without VTK9 attempt, I wouldn’t suggest it taking it down -at least not without replacing a more descriptive and helpful text. At least right now it suggests there might be issues… But I think something more detailed would be better.

I think if we can keep creating a new stable release every 3 months then most users could just use the latest stable. Only those users would need the preview who wants to try work-in-progress features.

We are getting closer to this target - the new stable release will probably come out within days, which means we needed about 4-5 months.

Instead of the strong “Unstable” message, we could write “Recommended” next to the stable release. (although after VTK9 integration we expect to run into issues).

That’s fine too, but extensions are a big part of 3D Slicer ecosystem, and the fundamental difference between stable and preview versions are not described with these single words. Issue is not just stability.