Release of Slicer 4.11.20210226 in progress: Regular builds are disabled

This evening, regular preview and stable builds of Slicer and associated extensions will be disabled in favor of a new stable snapshot release.

To track the progress, see Release Slicer v4.11.20210226 · Issue #5489 · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub

Should it be 4.13.20212026?

Since originally, we planned to have the last 4.11.YYYYMMDD snapshot release to be with VTK 8 and have the 4.13 series to be the one with VTK9 in preparation of Slicer 5.x, I kept the minor version as 11.

Here is the corresponding commit history:


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4.11.20212026 indicates that it is a patch release, which means no new features and no API changes. Since we both added features and changed API since 20200930, incrementing the minor version would have been appropriate. However, I don’t mind if we leave this one as 4.11, as it is just a special interim release, for hopefully a short time.

As we are establishing our new quarterly stable release process, we should define a versioning scheme that is informative and not too burdensome for maintainers, and apply it consistently.

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I see Mac and Linux versions up. Any chance Windows stable will be up today? (We have a planned tech check-in for our workshop tomorrow, and if possible I would like to have users install the latest stable snapshot.)

Now I got back the sign package from our software team, I will upload it shortly

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Waiting updates itself, you can download the signed window package here:

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