Bone segmentation through MRI scan dicom images

I was provided a MRI scan of a patient. I have seen different series in the data and the data does not load completely. If I load all the files together it is not showing images properly. Is the issue related to dicom images or this can be fixed? I am new to 3D slicer. Series are in image 1.

If i load only one series this is what i get but in this way i can do the segmentation:

This appears if i open all the files altogether:

You might try turning on advanced mode and picking different plugins to load. There can be a lot of complexity about when collections of instances should be grouped as a volume. If it’s still an issue maybe you can share a deidentified dataset that illustrates the issue maybe someone can have a look.

What do you mean by this? How did you load all files altogether (using Data window or the DICOM module, what options did you select)?