How to load multi series mri

Operating system : Windows 10
Slicer version   : 4.8
Expected behavior: Load multi series Dicom correctly
Actual behavior  : Can only view bits and pieces of the scan

So I have an actual MRI file of my left elbow and I was wanting to model it and view it.

But when I imported the file it had 11 different series to choose from.
I tried loading them all at once to view and it gave me an error.

When I try to load one individual series it shows up as a blury image and cuts half of it off with only a few slices.

When I load a couple at a time it gives me the same issue. And when I still try to model that, no bones come up and its one big blob. My question is, how do I successfully load and model my MRI scan of my elbow without issues?

Also the files that was given to me have no file extension. Hopefully that doesn’t play a role.


Have you used the DICOM module to load it?

If not, follow instructions on this page: for DICOM import and loading.


I loaded the files and examined them but they all seemed to have warnings on every single one.