Breaking up 3D volume segmentation

I have segmented a full kidney under one segmentation. I want to run texture on just 1 slice of the volume. When I run pyradiomics, it computes texture of the full 3D volume of the kidney.

How do a breakup a segmentation into individual segmentations it is composed of?

I have tried the copy in the logical operators of the segment editor, but it copies all of the segmentations and not just the one I want.


You can use Crop volume module to crop the volume to a single slice. If you need the segmentation to be single-slice volume, too, then you can export it to a labelmap volume, choosing the cropped volume node as reference geometry.

thank you. I have been using the crop volume module but it still is giving my the entire series of MR images. I just want to work with selected single slice/image.

You need to edit the ROI to include only a single slice and then click Apply.