Bugs with model convert to segment

i found a model below

when i change use command tool button [Convert model to segmentation node]
i convert the model to segment,it’s well displayed with both model and segmentations
then i save the scene as .mrb file
when i reload the .mrb file , the model displayed well , but the segmentations can’t display,the data seems empty
both model and segmentation can’t display on slice panel

the version 4.11 and 5.02 both has the problem

If I understand well, based on your description, this is not an issue with conversion but with save/load. Please confirm that converting model to segmentation works. Can you reproduce it with data available in Slicer? (For example doing a very simple segmentation on a sample volume, convert it to model and then back)

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thank your Pinter,thank you for replay.
the origin operate on slicer is fine.
the model is generated by code by vtkPolyData

when the model is changed to segmentation , the segmentation can’t save/load , can’t operator on most segmentation Effect.

finaly,i found vtkLineSource convert to segmentation has the save/load bug.