Problem to save a segmentation

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.11.20210226

Actual behavior: I have a problem with how Slicer saves my files. I can’t save my segmentation with click on save icon after I creat the model. So, I can save my segmentation as .STL and .nrrd by Segmentations modul but I can’t save as .mrml and as .seg.nrrd. I try to reinstall 3D Slicer but it doesn’t work.

You can see in this picture what it shows me when I press the save button.

Thank you!


When you use the menu File / Save, then segmentation will be saved using the current master representation to preserve original data. All other representations are computed from the master representation when needed.

If you set the segmentation’s master representation to binary labelmap, then you will be able to save it as .seg.nrrd. If not then it might be a bug, which is most likely already fixed in recent Slicer Preview Releases.

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Thank you, you are right, with the Slicer Preview Releases it’s fixed.

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