Build error when building SlicerVMTK extension

Build error raised when building SlicerVMTK extension SlicerExtension-VMTK within VS2022, the error code shows below:

The Slicer 5.3.0 has been successfully built with Release, thus the environment should be okay, which is Win11 64bit (Windows SDK version 10.0.22000.0 to target Windows 10.0.22621) + VS2022 Community + CMake 3.24.3 + C compiler (MSVC 19.36.32535.0)

What commit did you use for Slicer and what commit and repo did you used for SlicerVMTK?

Slicer is the commit 30c31182ad6587117e79af5352fa6f22f38e998b, and SlicerVMTK is the commit cac7b299fae7a1f8115a770d6d0cb57c08952145


I checked the build process, the error is caused by the D:\Codes\SlicerVMTK_bin\VMTK\vtkVmtk\Misc codes, if I don’t build the Misc folder by commenting in the CMakeList, the build can succeed, but when Misc is missing, VMTK will not be fully functional. Hence I assumed there are some bugs with the codes of the Misc folder.

Thanks. How can I work with SlicerVMTK by now?

Should I downgrade Slicer to 4.xx version, maybe the latest Slicer can not work well with the SlicerVMTK (somewhat old).

SlicerVMTK is showing no build errors with latest Slicer stable (5.2.2). You can download Slicer stable from and install the SlicerVMTK extension using the Extensions Manager (see instructions).

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Cool, I will have a try

The VMTK extension build error has been fixed. The VMTK extension should be available again in Slicer Preview Releases from tomorrow.


Bravo! The build passed with Slicer 5.3.0


With VMTK 13c270693e9a808019f37f0d2794cb90ff43b2e0