SlicerVMTK extension not building with Slicer 4.11 on MacOS

On CDash, the SlicerVMTK extension stopped building after Slicer and VTK changes on Oct 1. All platforms are affected:

On Oct 1 and earlier, there were packaging problems with macOS:

This error looks similar to errors reported earlier: VMTK vessel filtering not working

I have a PR in SlicerExtension-VMTK, but it doesn’t address either of these issues. I don’t understand the build well enough yet to fix these. Help?

I’ve fixed the build errors on Windows (probably it fixes the same issue on other platforms, too). I’ve submitted a pull request to upstream VMTK (, and until the changes are integrated, I’ve updated Slicer VMTK extension to use my fork of VMTK instead (that contains the fix).


Thank you very much for that, Andras. I’ll change my Sept4-application-superbuild-fix branch to use your VMTK fix, and try it.
Looking at CDash, your VMTK fix has resolved the recent errors. The problem with accessing the VMTK shared object libraries on MacOS is still there, unfortunately.
Thanks again!

In the mean time, I merged, we can revisit after upstream vmtk is updated.

That’s excellent, thanks @jcfr.

Do you know what may be causing the build errors on Mac?

I added an issue to SlicerExtension-VMTK.