Building SLicer 4.10.0 from source on Ubuntu 18.04

Slicer 4.10.0 with Qt4.8 and VTK 7 is built from source successfully on Ubuntu 18.04 but I had to add this line to the main CMakeList.txt file due to some error related to c11 support.


after these two lines

 set(_msg "Setting C++ standard")
 message(STATUS "${_msg}")

One more thing:

I am not CMake expert but there should be some restriction about building priorities. When I use

       make -j 8

The build stop with error. It would be nice to arrange this so one can benefit from parallel build.

What is the error? Parallel build should work (it is not managed by setting priorities but setting correct dependencies between build targets).

Parallel build does work. I usually build with -j12 on Arch (nproc x 2, good or bad).

I am doing a new parallel build now i.e. -j 8. I am using Qt5 and VTK 8, as soon as I get an error, I will report it here.

Yes, parallel builds work fine, but often the actual build error is hard to see because other build output causes it to scroll offscreen. In this case I often use a command like make -j20; make so the actual error shows up efficiently.

I usually redirect stderr to a timestamped log file :

nice -n19 make Slicer -j12 2> ~/tmp/slicer_build_err_$(date +%F_%H%M%S).log

Build errors are easily tracked this way.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks for the tips. The build just completed without error. It seems the previous one had some strange problem. Next step, test building on Windows 10.