Compile Slicer in Ubuntu(20.04) fails

Operating system: Ubuntu20.04 (VirtualBox)
Slicer version: latest version
Expected behavior: make the project
Actual behavior: make the project failure

git: git version 2.25.1
cmake: cmake version 3.16.3

I created a new Ubuntu20.04 system in virtualbox. Downloaded the pre-requisites and made the project accroding to: GNU/Linux systems — 3D Slicer documentation

I am quite pointless about how to solve the error because of so many dependencies.
This is the output from terminal: ubuntu make slicer.txt - Google Drive

Is dcmtk on your cmake variables?

Yes I didn’t change the default variables for Cmake. I was building release version and according to “common error” set git protocol=false

Did you try not doing that second thing?

Yes. I tried but did not work.
Btw I use make -jN -k to use more cpu. I don’t know is it the problem. I am trying to use just make to build it again.

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I did a fresh build on ubuntu 20.04 and did not run into this error so it’s possibly something with your virtual box maybe running out of disk space or memory. I did make -j20 on a 12 core machine. Try completely deleting your superbuild directory and starting from scratch in case there were any failed build files left behind by accident.

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