Calculate the distance from the farthest point to the edge of the radiation field

Slicer version: 4.8.1
Hi 3D slicer experts
I work with radiation fields and organs such as heart and lungs. in some slices heart lies in the field and I want to calculate the distance between the farthest point (blue point in following figure)and the edge of the radiation field (wich is shown with a red arrow) in the total heart volume that is located inside the field. in the other word , what is the maximum distance that the heart is inside the field?
1- wich module should I use?
2- Is this distance ,the Hausdorff Distance?
thanks a lot

Hi 3D slicer experts
Unfortunately , I didn’t recieve any feedbacks for my question. Is there a module or another software that I can use to calculate the maximum length of heart in the radiation field(in the other word , the red arrow length in the above figure)?
thanks a lot

  1. There is no such module
  2. It is not the Hausdorff distance, because between the heart and the beam it would be 0.

Please give us more information about this distance, because as far as I understand your description the distance would be not the red arrow. Are there any geometric constraints you didn’t mention?
Once we know what you’d like to achieve, the solution will be probably a combination of features in various modules and some python scripting.

Thank you for your guidance.Unfortunately, I couldn’t find another geometric constraint .In fact, I have two series of CT images , one in normal breathing and another in deep breathing(which in deep breathing , the heart moves posteriorly, and goes away from the radiation field as well as the chest wall) . I decided to get the heart distance from the chest wall(for deep and free breathing) rather than finding the length of heart in the radiation field.
if the chest wall be contoured:
1- can I get the distance between the heart and chest wall?
2-and, can this be done using the model to model distance module?
thanks a lot