Calculate thickness of thin muscle


I want to measure the thickness/distance between the inner and outer boundary of a muscle that I have segmented. I have followed the workflow from this link: How to analyze the thickness of the model

Now, I am not sure of how to interpret my result… Does the different colours illustrate different thicknesses, e.g. the red color is the thickest and the blur color is the thinnest?

I also want to know the specific thickness (as a value, not a colour) in a certain position in the muscle, how can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

Coloring does not seem to correspond to thickness.

Which method did you try? (several workflows are described in the referenced page)

If you compute a skeleton labelmap: Since the segmented structure is very thin compared to its extent, you probably need to use a finer resolution labelmap than the one generated by default.

You may also give VMTK extension’s centerline extraction a try (as a preprocessing step, it extracts Voronoi diagram, which is a kind of medial surface and its thickness).

You can get numerical reading from values associated with scalar points with a short Python code snippet as shown here.

Thanks for your reply, and sorry for the unclearness. I tried your described workflow here:

And since I followed your method, I got similar results as in your example, except for the thin green line that your example has but not mine… I suppose that is the actual medial surface? If so, what does the colours red, green and blue illustrate?

I will look into your tips, thanks!

Hi, I am still trying to figuring out what my result of your workflow (How to analyze the thickness of the model) means… What does the colours mean and how do I get the exact medial surface (that I assume is the thin green line in your example) ?

I am also trying to compute a skeleton labelmap, but I can’t find it in “Representations” under Segmentations-module, even if I have installed SlicerRT to get additional representations. How can I add this skeleton labelmap?