Calculating cross section on a set plane


I have a segmentation (here in blue) and I would like to calculate the cross section with a preset plane.
Is there a quick way to do so?

@AKue a segmentation has different representations (most notably binary labelmap image and closed surface mesh). Cross-section in different representations will typically be different and require different methods. For instance, the cross-section of a 3D surface mesh woud look like a contour and the cross-section of a binary image would look like a blob. The output datatype will be also different in 3D mesh you will get a polydata where in a binary image you would get an image.

What is what you want to achieve?

Maybe try this:

Hope it helps

That would be for cross-sections of 3D surfaces. Thanks @mau_igna_06!

You may also use the “Cross-Section Analysis” module in VMTK extension. It does not just compute the cross-sectional area in two planes but many planes along a line or curve.

Thanks for all your input!!
My aim is to get the exact size (square millimeter) of the cross section between plane and segmentation. For me it doesn’t matter if by 3D surface mesh or binary labelmap.
It should be fast, accurate and reproducible.

Thanks for all your help!

You may install SlicerVMTK extension using the extension manager to use the 'Stenosis measurement: 2D’ module. It can calculate the cut surface area of a segment using the orientation of a slice view that you specify. Of course, you should reformat the slice view to be that of your planes.

To help you quickly reformat a slice view to a plane, you may install this project. It’s a manual step, done once only. If you don’t know what is the ‘’ file, the online manual will help you.

You must of course restart Slicer after the installations.