Show intersection between plane and segmentation and measure max diameter

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For my project I’m working in 3D slicer.
I have made a segmentation of a dissected aorta. This segmentation contains a segmentation of the true lumen, false lumen and the both lumina combined.
In addition I have determine some anatomical planes, for example at the level of the bifurcation of the truncus pulmonalis. I have created this planes with the “Markups” module.

Now I want to determine the maximum diameter of the lumina at the intersection of the planes and the segmentations.
I have already tried to accomplish this with the help of the centerline and cross-section analysis modules of the VMTK toolkit. However, this modules does not allow me to determine the max diameter in the specific planes I have determined.

Do you guys know a way to obtain the intersection of a plane (created with Markups) and a segmentation, so I can perform measurement on that cross-section?

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Cross-section analysis module can already compute the largest inscribed sphere diameter. You can show it if you click the “show” button for “Diameter (MIS)” in “Browse cross-sections”.

If you want to compute the largest diameter then you can click “show” for the “Cross-sectional area” row and then analyze the created “Cross section for …” model. For example, you can get all model points like this:

coords = arrayFromModelPoints(getNode("yourmodelnodename"))

Can you give a bit more details about why you need computation of the maximum diameter?

If you think that this metric could be generally useful then you could add the computation to the module.

It seems that @Birnie wants to cut segments with arbitrary planes, rather that cross-sectional ones that are orthogonal to a given centerline.

If so, he may

  • export his segments to models
  • use ‘Place cut’ in ‘Dynamic modeler’
  • perform manual measurements on the result.

A screenshot of his segments and markups planes would have been helpful.