Can 3D slicer be used with Windows 10

We are purchasing a new and faster computer for using 3D Slicer. We will be using stable 3D Slicer and not doing any development. Our IT people don’t want to install Windows 7 anymore. Can we use a Windows 10 machine? We would prefer not to use Linux since we want to access all the regular office etc programs. Thank you for your advice.

Yes, absolutely. All of the active developers I know of, who use Windows, are using Windows 10.

Thank you. I only ask because at the 3D Slicer website it specifies Windows 7. Are there any differences in functionalities or capabilities?

There should not be… Where do you see the reference?

For more details please see 3DSlicer中国社区

At 3D Slicer website - Documentation/4.8/SlicerApplication/HardwareConfiguration

It only mentions Windows 7 so I assumed that Windows 10 was not supported.

Ok, thanks. I just updated the 4.8 and Nightly pages to reflect the current state (64 bit, Windows 7 or later).

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