Can 3D slicer support other languages? Or how to add additional language libraries, such as Chinese?

Is there any way to make slicer support other languages? Such as add an extra language library. We need to translate slicer to Chinese. Slicer is an excellent tool for medical image. If it is compatible with more languages, its generalization will be greatly increased. Can you give me some suggestions?Thanks!

There are ongoing efforts for translation to Spanish and Arabic and there have been previous work on Chinese that could be .

Some parts of the application can be translated already, while other parts require some software development work. See some more information here:

I think right now what we miss is software engineering effort to review/update this pull request for the latest Slicer version and get it integrated into Slicer core. It could be done either by finding a volunteer (preferably by someone who speaks Chinese) or by giving a contract to Kitware.

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