Can anyone suggest a way for fast and accurate segmentation of teeth in CBCT volumes?

I have been trying to do the segmentation of teeth using fill between slices in the CBCTs.
I tried a few different techniques mentioned in the forum but I am unable to add seeds on the margins of the tooth. So there is spillage of the the label in the adjacent bone and tooth, when I am using Watershed.

Kindly help me with this!

You can try Slicer Automated Dental Tools Extension if you have a decent graphics card

I want to create individual segment for each tooth. Without the adjacent bone (maxilla and mandible).
I have run the extension suggested by you, but it comes with the bony structures

You can use DentalSegmentator extension to get the teeth.

The upper and lower teeth are already separated and you can split the individual teeth using semi-automatic tools in Segment Editor (Islands effect and Scissors).

@cpinter may have more experience in automatic separation of teeth from each other.

We have a MONAI Label based model pair for segmenting the teeth but unfortunately it’s proprietary. We are in the process of deciding what could be shared publically (mentioning @diazandr3s and @PalkoD here as well).

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Thank you Prof.
But I am unable to add the extension in my Mac from the extension manager or manually as mentioned in the page.
What could be a possible way out?

You can use nnUnet extension today (follow instructions in the tutorial) or you can use DentalSegmentator from tomorrow. It will be released in the latest Slicer Preview Release (that you download tomorrow or later).