Can I adjust the center of orientation when using 'transform module'?

Casue I don’t know where the center of rotation is, I can’t predict the movement of them. (When using ‘transform module’)

True, we don’t have that feature now. Best suggestion might be to write a small python script to implement rotation around a point (the necessary math is in any computer graphics book).

It could be generally useful to allow people to select a mrml node to use as the rotation point. You could add this as a feature request at

Manual alignment with subsequent rotations and translations is a long, iterative process. We have not invested time into trying to make it a bit less painful because there are much better methods for manual registration.

I recommend using landmark-based registration: you specify corresponding point locations in the objects that you need to align and Slicer computes the optimal transform automatically, in real-time. It is not an iterative process, but a fast, direct method that optimizes translation and rotation simultaneously (and you may also allow scaling, shearing, or local warping).

If you need to register slightly misaligned images then use Landmark registration module. If you need to register highly misaligned images or other objects then use Fiducial registration wizard module in SlicerIGT extension.

Hi Woo-ram,

We have done something similar to what you are suggesting by nesting
transforms. We created ‘local’ rotations by rotating an object that was
already translated to the origin. We then put the rotating transform
within another transform that translated it back to position. The effect
is that rotations appear to be local, when adjusting the sliders in the
transform editor.