Can I open the vtk files on my Android platform like KiwiViewer?

The KiwiViewer 2.0 was the best App( iphone) for me to open a vtk file caculated from 3d slicer. But the KiwiViewer have stoped the developing of the software. After a seaching in the internet, the old-one KiwiViewer 1.0 was found, and there is no fuctuion for transparent which is very important for me to see the internal model…
So does anyone have an experience to view many models in Android platform.
LI Zhenzhu

There are many 3D model viewers for Android (for example Emb3D is quite nice) which can open .obj files that can contain large number of objects. I did not search a lot, but couldn’t find one that can easily show/hide individual objects in the model (of a specific material in an .obj file).

You can view the Slicer scene on Android phone in virtual reality, but it requires a running desktop computer and currently you cannot interact with the models just view them.

There could be web-browser-based solutions as well. There are several websites that allows you to view 3D models on your phone, see for example

Hi @timeanddoctor and anyone else interested in mobile viewer,

Updating Kiwiviewer is definitively on the radar but we (at Kitware) don’t have a timeline to share.
Also additional funding would definitively help catalyze the effort.

Do not hesitate to reach out,

Cc: @Andinet_Enquobahrie

The application is available in the Android Market but is no longer available in the Apple App Store. Yes one has open the vtk files on android as it’s available there.