Can not launch nighty build in ubuntu

Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
Slicer version: 4.13.0
Expected behavior: Start 3D slicer nighty build
Actual behavior: not launch

I have already run 3D slicer stable version(4.11) successfully in ubuntu device
Otherwisely, after download the nighty build(4.13) and run it in same machine, it only shows a error window
After closing the error window, double-click the slicer application again but nothing happen

Dose it mean I can only choose stable or nighty version in one device at same time?
Or Could I install both versions in same ubuntu devices?

Thank you for everything

Each installed Slicer package are completely independent except they share a common Slicer.ini application settings. So, the most likely way of your not-yet-stable Slicer-4.13 could interfere with the latest stable is through this application settings file. Delete Slicer.ini and see if it solves the issue.

Slicer preview releases are expected to be stabilized in the coming weeks.