Can not undo Fill Between Slices effect

Hello Everyone,
I hope this is an easy fix. I am working on two segmentations on CT data. One was complete. However, upon performing the Fill Between slices effect on the second segmentation I noticed it had also performed the function on my first segmentation. I had forgotten to unselect the first segmentation. Unfortunately, I noticed this too late and I can not remove it as I am limited by the Undo functions limit. Is there a way around this that doesn’t involve me having to redo the first segmentation? Is there for example a history log where I can delete steps? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix. Undo/redo seems to be limited to 9 operations and there is no history log.

I was afraid of that. A history Log would be a good feature. Ok, thanks for the reply.

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If you often find you want to go back more than the default segmentation undo history and you have enough memory in your computer to store more states then you can increase the maximum number of undo states.

However, it might be better to just save your work more frequently. You can easily save independent copies of the full scene by clicking on the package icon in Save data window; or you can quickly save just the modified nodes by saving using the default options.

Great! Thats good advice. I try to save often but not as separate files of the nodes. I think I will try to get into the habit as a way of having bookmarks of my progress. Unfortunately I lost a days work by making an avoidable mistake, but now I know . Thanks.

I would second this. A trick I use before committing a significant change in segmentation, is to go to Data module, right-click on the segmentation and choose “Export File” and save a copy of segmentation. It is faster than saving the whole scene and packaging it. If the segmentation experiment was successful, you can re-write the file in the same way. if not, delete it (instead of undo) and reload the file you just exported.