Can someone upload 4d-dsa data for us to study on 3d slicer?

I see some beautiful picture made by 3d slicer using 4d-dsa data, but my hospital do not have a 4d-dsa machine;

Can someone upload several 4d-dsa data for us to study on 3d slicer




@lassoan @adamrankin @pieper @moondrake99

There is a cardiac perfusion study available in SampleData module if you install Sequences extension. However, as usual, these sample files are only intended for quick tests and demos.

In general, I would recommend to contact your clinical collaborator for getting patient images. If you don’t have a clinical collaborator for a specific topic (or they cannot share images or they don’t have time to meet you etc.) then it is probably better to invest your time into a different topic. Without a good clinical collaborator and good-quality data your chances of getting useful, clinically significant results are just too small.

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