Perfusion MRI-3DSlicer

Hi everyone, my name is Yusniel Santos Rodríguez, I am a Cuban neuroscientist and currently I work on issues related to the pre-surgical planning of brain tumors. Recently i have turned my attention to MRI perfusion imaging and i need to obtain the main statistical maps (mean transit time, cerebral blood flow, cerebral blood volume). I found that 3D Slicer had an extension called DSCMRIAnalisys, but couldn’t find it in the extension library. I would like to know if that extension still exists and where I can find it. Thank you very much for your help.

This extension has not been updated to be compatible with latest Slicer releases. See details here:

I’ve submitted a fix for the build errors, so probably the extension will become available in the extensions manager in 1-2 days.

It would be great to get your feedback about the extension - if it works and if you find it useful, because we only spend time with further maintaining and modernizing the extension if it helps users.

Hello everybody. Thank you very much for the effort for making the extension available again. I will try to keep you informed of all the events during its use. To begin with, I have already been able to download the extension and install it without errors in 3d Slicer. Here I have some initial questions:

  1. To use this extension do I need a specific version of 3d Slicer? After installing the extension I could not find it in the list of active modules of the software.
  2. Is there a tutorial for the use of this extension?

Thank you very much for your help.

  1. if there Is a tutorial for the use of this extension,please tell me.