Cannot paint segments on video


I am very new to this software and it seems like I’m having a similar issue.
However, the painting doesn’t work either. Whenever I draw/paint then let go, the drawn area just disappears.
Should probably let you know that the files I’m working with have an error " Multi-frame image. If slice orientation or spacing is non-uniform then the image may be displayed incorrectly. Use with caution.

Reference image in series does not contain geometry information. Please use caution."

I don’t know if this is what’s making the annotations disappear. If you have any ideas on why this may be that would be great.

Below is a screenshot of the issue (I can draw/paint, but once I release the mouse or right click, the area doesn’t get shaded but just disappears)

Thanks a lot.

Do you see any errors or warnings in the application log?

If not, then most probably the segmentation’s geometry does not overlap with the image. This happens for example, when you create the segmentation with a different image than the one that you are trying to segment. You can fix it as described here or re-create the segmentation (for example, save the image as nrrd, restart the application, load that saved nrrd, then go to Segment Editor).

Can you share a sample data so that we can investigate the DICOM import?

If you just need 2D area measurement then placing closed curve markups and enabling area measurement might be easier than creating segmentation.

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